How do you get the very best from your people?

The EXpressions platform gives you the data and insight to make people related decisions.

Keeping your business in front

The EXpressions platform enables you to collect and create meaningful information - to allow learning and to drive change in your business

Appreciate the Experience to Engagement to Performance Continuum

Today - Every employee is a Consumer!

What are their experiences?  How engaged are they?  How is organisational performance impacted


Deep dive and pulse surveys to allow a wealth of insights across the range of employee experiences


Specific investigative surveys to establish individual wellness through to operational and strategic levels of well-being


Investigation of levels of engagement to identify connection to and endorsement of the business

The Platform

The EXpressions platform drives a wide range of analytics-based surveys, diagnostics and powerful presentations.  The platform manages multiple information sources to allow specific and comparable insights across businesses, locations, departments, teams and individuals - to enable real and focused inputs to strategic and operational business decisions.


Why E\pressions?

Driving the Experience to Engagement to Performance Continuum - through Understanding...

The EX-Factors



The EXpressions platform has been produced from: business leadership and management experience and expertise; extensive business research and supporting practical application; ongoing inputs from data scientists, psychologists; and the real time accumulative collection of EXpressions data.


Designed and developed by business and supporting experts - extensive experience across HR, Marketing, Psychology, Operations, Research and Strategy


Provides easily obtainable, ongoing, real-time measurement, understanding and comparison information - enabling strategic and operational insights and actions across mobile, tablet and various computer options

Continuous improvement - third iteration of EXpressions after concept development and beta testing


EXtensive Reporting

The EXpressions platform comprises a wide range of surveys across the three categories of employee connectivity - employee experience; employee well-being; and employee engagement.  The platform allows unlimited access to all feedback - whenever you want it and in real time


Helps you to identify a range of actions, activities, feelings and opinions - offering real and valuable continuous insight


Allows access to different reports and presentations - different business stakeholders can receive information according to needs


The information produced can be drilled down and additional data gathered - free-form and comparison measurements and insights


EXecution and EXtension

The EXpressions platform helps you to build on or bring into line the business strategy alongside the execution of the HR, people performance and talent management strategies; as well as identifying clear links to other parts of the business.  The EXpressions platform can grow as a business grows, or can grow across different parts of the business in order to generate extensive new and additional information.  The platform can extend to any number of survey respondents as well as survey volumes.


Links HR to marketing to operations to the rest of the organisation - connects employee experiences and wellbeing as drivers of employee engagement


Fully scalable - the platform has been set up to follow collection and dissemination of any requirement for data and information capacities


Clear price positioning - allows for appropriate and transparent budgeting


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