The EXpressions platform drives a wide range of analytics-based surveys, diagnostics and powerful presentations.  The platform manages multiple information sources to allow specific and comparable insights across businesses, locations, departments, teams and individuals - to enable real and focused inputs to strategic and operational business decisions.


How do Employees Feel?

Gain honest feedback on employees experiences with the organisation.  Allow opportunities to shed light on how they truly feel.  Capture the mood and the underlying feelings

Understand all touchpoints

From deep dive assessment of overall experience through to more specific employee journey insights - including why they join and why they leave.  Compare across a host of perspectives and identify issue factors.

Act on the Information

What is the data telling you - and how can this be turned to actionable information and strategic intelligence and advantage?  What can you do to build things - or turn them around?

The EXpressions EX factor

EXperience and EXpertise

The EXpressions platform has been produced from: business leadership and management experience and expertise; extensive business research and supporting practical application; ongoing inputs from data scientists, psychologists and sociologists; and the real time accumulative collection of EXpressions data.

EXtensive Reporting

The EXpressions platform comprises a wide range of surveys across the three groups of experiences - employee experience; employee wellbeing; and employee engagement.  The platform allows unlimited access to all feedback - whenever you want it and in real-time.

EXecution and EXtension

The EXpressions platform helps you to build or bring into line the business strategy alongside the execution of the HR, people performance and talent management strategies; as well as identifying clear links to other parts of the business.  The EXpressions platform is fully scalable.