Why Experience?

Taking account of the changed world

In a much more complex environment, the world of work is being redesigned and redrawn.  Organisations are having to manage severe changes from both the demand and the supply side.  Moments of Truth are becoming more and more the reality for businesses delivering experiences to customers, and meanwhile, a productive and positive experience has become the new contract between employer and employee.  Both employee and customer experiences are assessed on a continual basis and cut across physical, human and digital aspects.  Indeed, inside and outside of work it is critically evident that - Moments Matter.

On the employee side Gersin writes about becoming irresistible; claiming that after decades of corporate discourse about the war for talent, it appears that the battle is over; and talent has won.  Whilst we are certainly still looking for employees to be engaged - it is now more on their terms and based on an employee centric and bottom-up approach, where design thinking and employee journey maps can be used to mirror customer experience and customer journey design for customers.

Whilst employee engagement is about short-term cosmetic changes; employee experience encompasses the entire reality of what it's like to work in and for an organisation.  Both are important - but you need a strategy for both.

For customers and employees it is about experiences delivering levels of commitment and discretionary effort - engagement - alongside a willingness to remain with the organisation or maybe the brand - retention.  Fundamentally though, it is about driving business or organisation results and performance.

Why it matters to the business

The EXpressions platform delivers answers.  It provides information to determine experiences.  If an organisation is striving for great results and performances - excellence - how is the company actually doing?  What are the EXpressions telling the business?

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From this recognition of the sequential elements of experience, some key points emanate.

Employees and customers have different and various encounters with a business; they essentially experience the 'environment' of a particular business or organisation.  Their feelings arise as a judgement of the particular interaction or interactions.  These feelings are designated 'effects'.

The critical point here, is that a business owns the Environment, but acts like it owns the Effect!  It is actually people - employees or customers - who own the Effect.

So a business can:
  • Influence the experience environments of which a business or organisation is based...
  • By understanding the encounters... and
  • By measuring the effects.
Why the EXpressions platform?

The view is that more needs to be done to truly understand and relate the experience and feelings of customers and employees - in order to generate better places to work and better places to do business with.  This needs vision; recognition of what and how; understanding of internal and external engagement, buy in and performance; and recognition of the need for continual improvement, development and learning.  The EXpressions platform is our way of helping you on this journey: 

  • We challenge businesses to exceed the 'new normal' - we appreciate the world will stay changed
  • We take an independent view - it is about you, not us
  • We challenge existing practices and approaches - sell by dates are a business reality
  • We strive to bring personal back to businesses and organisations - even when it isn't...
  • We work to understand what people are thinking - bringing truth, reality and science together
  • We help businesses and organisations develop understanding of why things are happening
  • We use understanding and insight to enable responsibility development and enhancement at all levels of the business
  • We look at employee and customer experience across all encounters, aspects and occasions - we bring together the inside and the outside of the business
Coming Soon

- the next step in the process. 

CXpressions - covering internal and external customers across the personal, physical, digital and remote encounters

- currently completing beta testing